Why College Funding Advisors, LLC?

The exploding cost of higher education for today’s parents and students has many wondering how they will be able to pay for 4 years of college. While they have a vague idea that financial assistance is available, many assume that they are not going to be aid eligible, so why even bother to go through the complicated process of filing a financial aid application. As a result they short change themselves.

The aid application forms are really about financial planning. They ask about four key things: student and parent income and assets. The goal of the aid application process should be to minimize the impact of each of these elements. And that is where so many families fall short.

For instance, parents will routinely overvalue key assets or include assets on the aid applications are actually excludable, thereby missing out on thousands of dollars of financial aid. They do this because they don’t know the rules and no one is either able or interested in coaching them. Well-meaning high school guidance counselors are not trained financial planners. Financial Aid Officers work for the colleges and universities. Their job is to get your student to their college for as little aid assistance as possible.

We can help. Our strategies are proven and have worked for countless numbers of our clients. They are covered in my book entitled “How To Give Your Kid A 4-Year College Education Without Going Broke” and in my workshop entitled “The Little Known Secrets Of How To Get Maximum Money For College.” The purchase of these valuable tools could be one of the smartest financial decisions you will ever make. They are the insider’s guide to sending your child to the college of their choice – without spending your life’s savings… just as we have done for hundreds upon hundreds of families!

Ron Adams College Planner Sacramento

Ronald J. Adams


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Ron is widely recognized as a leading expert in college funding. As a Certified College Planning Specialist, Registered Financial Consultant and Chartered Life Underwriter, he has helped hundreds of parents and students lower out of pocket expenses for four years of college.

His book, “How To Give Your Kid A 4-Year College Education Without Going Broke,” gives consumers of higher education practical and immediately usable tips on how to maximize financial aid. Readers are given strategies that the financial aid offices at colleges don’t and won’t share with them.

His 30+ years of experience as a full-service financial planner has given him a broad base of knowledge. His interview is direct and concise and he never fails to share insider tips and helpful ideas.

“Mr. Adams has provided the listeners of North California guidance in strategically planning for college financing. While taking calls on the air, he clearly recommends actions to take and demonstrates his breadth of knowledge…” -Nick Perjanik, Co-host of Talking Money, KHTK 1140 AM

“Ron Adams of Sacramento, CA is as passionate about performing on stage as he is about helping his clients. Adams uses his love of acting to build relationships through packed seminars.” “What’s Your Motivation” – Senior Market Advisor Magazine

“We decided to hire Ron Adams as our advisor for college financial planning. Initially he helped us make the maze of college financial aid more manageable. The services he provided then took on a broader scope as he advised us on important issues regarding our overall long-term financial and estate planning.” -Daniel Haviland, Citrus Heights, CA

Families are rightly concerned about balancing the cost of higher education for their children and the funding of their retirement. Seniors are concerned about out living their income and passing a financial legacy on to their heirs. Ron Adams? unique ability to meld all of these areas into a cohesive plan of action makes him a much sought-after speaker and guest.

Jennifer H. Rockwell
Vice President


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Jennifer has been a part of College Funding Advisors, LLC since 2011, handling our customer experience and client relations. As a Certified Life Coach, Jen is uniquely equipped to help our clients dig for and discover their goals, not just for college, but also for life. She thoroughly enjoys helping our clients to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.