As a member of our College Planning Network, you are provided many benefits that are not offered by CPA’s and High School Guidance Counselors. In fact, many CPA’s and Guidance Counselors have become members as well so they can receive these same insider strategies (developed by certified college planners) that have worked for thousands of parents and students across the country.

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Paying for college can be a daunting proposition. Skilled professionals are available to assist you with career counseling, school selection, SAT & ACT test preparation, admissions essay review, admissions and scholarship search.

College Funding Strategies:
We make sure that you qualify for the maximum amount of financial aid. We help you use the college funding rules and regulations to your maximum advantage.

Financial Aid Data Gathering & Processing:
The financial aid applications can make filing a tax return seem like a breeze. We prepare the forms to your maximum advantage and then electronically file them on your behalf.

Colleges will try to mis-award and under-award you. Our appeal process has garnered increased aid awards for many of our clients.

Value Added Services:
The more you know, the more effective you can be in your decision making. We provide a constant stream of college funding news you can use. We keep you current.